Harry Potter in Oxford

Finally, a good tour about Harry Potter in Oxford! Bring your wands, magical brooms and any other items, which we can’t directly mention for fear of getting sued by Warner Brothers…



Go inside the medieval Hogwarts Hospital with its images of beasts and biblical scenes. Walk down the halls of Hogwarts in the dark cloisters of one of Oxford’s oldest colleges. Really, Harry Potter in Oxford makes perfect sense.

But no only do we include those magical wonders of Harry Potter in Oxford, but we also hear about the other fabulous children’s books written in Oxford, including Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and the Chronicles of Narnia, and the scholars who wrote them. Plus lots more!


Muggles Welcome!



This Harry Potter tour of Oxford includes entry to at least two Oxford University buildings, although like any tour company, we cannot guarantee entrance. Where possible we will also visit Christ Church, for which the entry fee for this College is not included in the tour price. Why not? There are often queues lasting up to several hours, and parts of it are regularly shut to the public. By not including it in our standard price, we ensure we do not overcharge.


Availability: Saturday & Sunday
Times: 2pm
Length: 2 Hours
Price: £15 for adults and £13 for 13 years and under


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Disclaimer: The Harry Potter Tour of Oxford is not an official “Harry Potter” experience and is not endorsed or supported in any way by Warner Bros Entertainment Inc, the Harry Potter publishers, J.K. Rowling or her representatives.