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We started providing our 2 hour free Footprints Oxford Walking Tours of Oxford City Centre nearly four years ago, and it has quickly earned a global reputation. It includes a vast range of information delivered by our University educated guides, from the start of Oxford as a Saxon town, to its current position as a world cultural centre, famous for its history and traditions. Oxford has been around for nearly 2000 years and we believe it deserves at least 2 hours of your time.

All our Oxford walking tours are delivered in a way to ensure you don’t fall asleep! We hate dry, boring tours, so much that we started providing tours. History is not boring, and with so many big events and leaders being tied into the history of Oxford (as well as so many bizarre traditions and funny stories), there is no excuse for not enjoying every minute of your tour in Oxford.


Our 2 Hour Free Oxford Walking Tour covers:

  • An in-depth history of the University colleges, including:
  • Christ Church – where 13 British Prime Ministers
  • All Souls College
  • Trinity College
  • Oriel College
  • Hertford College
  • Merton College
  • Bodleian Library
  • Radcliffe Camera
  • University Church of St Mary
  • And many more University sights!
  • An equally in-depth history of the town
  • Ceremonies at Oxford
  • Famous graduates, and their little known experiences at Oxford
  • Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland
  • Also our famous “finishing story” which details how the most powerful Archbishop of Canterbury England has ever seen, came to be burnt at the stake in Oxford!

  How much does all that cost?

It’s FREE! We believe that you, the customer, should tell us how much it is worth. So while some companies will demand a set amount for a shorter tour, showing you less of Oxford University, we let you decide what our Oxford walking tour is worth. If you have a good time, leave us a tip. If not, it was nice to meet you!

It means we are constantly working to give the best Oxford walking tours, and people obviously agree, otherwise we would be long gone.


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Book now and guarantee the experience!

  • No matter the size – your guaranteed a place on the tour 
  • No matter the weather – the tour will run for you.
  • No wasted time – you will be in the first group to set off should it be split.
  • Online only offer

In England, it rains. By making a reservation it means that you will get this tour regardless of the weather and regardless of how many people turn up; should there be too few or too many. Your guaranteed  the experience your looking forward to.

£2 – staying true to the spirit of the tour, the booking fee is an extremely nominal amount. Please note this fee entitles you to the benefits above – it is not passed onto your guide, please keep this in mind should you wish to tip the guide. Should you not wish to book, you can take the tour without making a booking.


Book Now!

This Tour Runs Everyday:
Monday – Friday : 11am, 12.30pm (June-September only), 2pm
Saturday & Sunday 11am, 12.30pm, 2pm and 3.30pm
Length: 2 Hours
Price: Free!
Includes: Sticker for discounts in lots of stores in Oxford

Want to go inside Colleges and the Bodleian Library with small groups?

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Groups over the size of 9, commercial or school groups, will need to book a private tour (it’s the best value in Oxford!)